Throw Harder Without Pitching Mechanics – Monster Arm Program – not another pitching drills velocity program

Click Image To Visit Site“Discover the Secrets to Increase Arm Speed and Throw Harder at a Whole New Level, Stay Healthy ALL season long, and Completely Dominate Your Competition.“

Looking for the short-cut to throw harder? Look no further! Recent sports medicine advancements have shed light onto EXACTLY what exercises, repetitions and sets, and rest breaks you should be partaking in to maximize throwing velocity. by Dr. Chris McKenzie PT, DPT, SCS, OCS, PES is your ANSWER for immediate performance gains and long term health in sports.

“ I typically am still experiencing low velocity until early October but I have my velocity back sooner then normal [2 weeks into program]. Any added velocity from here is all gravy. I’ve also noticed that I am spinning the ball a lot better/tighter and I believe this is due to the fact that my forearm and wrist are as strong as they have ever been which is a direct benefit from using your program. ”

If you want to truly attain faster throwing speeds and AND maintain it, you need a simple, step-by-step blueprint for maximizing your results on the mound.

Inside you’ll discover the secrets to easily throw at least 7 mph faster, 90 feet farther (if you want to), completely eliminate shoulder, elbow, and back injuries FOREVER, and unlock the key to get massively recruited!

This is the only place to start. You might be thinking ‘I’ve already heard about leg strengthening before…’ Trust us when we say you have not! In this 1st pillar Dr. McKenzie will show you how to build a powerful foundation including:

As you are building your solid base of lower extremity power, you’ll need to learn how to transfer that power to your arm. Within this pillar Dr. McKenzie will show you:

You actually need to train your arm to move slower to increase your arm speed. Eccentric training is the final piece of the puzzle that will keep you healthy all season long, and for the length of your career. Dr. McKenzie will unravel this “slow phenomenon” for you and show you:

If for any reason you are not happy with ANY aspect of this training, then simply send me a quick email and I will immediately refund 100% of your money, NO QUESTIONS ASKED AND you can keep the program. This is a no-brainer opportunity!

P.S. Remember, the Monster Arm Program is a special program that I have developed based on recent sports medicine research and individual sport performance training and rehab with athletes of all skill levels. You will not receive this training information from any other sports specialist. The Monster Arm Program is your Road Map to achieve your baseball goals. Click here to get instant access.

A: You will learn the exact velocity improving strength routine complete with rep counts, number of sets, rest breaks, weekly frequency and progression in order to throw faster and farther. You will also learn which exercises, including… Read more…

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